Ending A Relationship With Someone You Love

It is always an emotional and difficult move ending a relationship with someone you love.Yes what really makes it that more difficult is when you start second guessing your self and thinking whether you are really making the move.Now it even gets worst when that love guilt sets in.You know that guilt feeling of causing heart break to the person you ones loved or may be you still love by ending or leaving the relationship. Though it is never so easy to breakup, with some forethought you can ease some of that pain and start figuring out where you are going to have the breakup-talk,when,what you are going to say and so on.

Do yourself a favor and think long and hard about it before you actually do it. It's very hard, sometimes impossible, to get back with someone after a breakup so you want to make sure that you're sure this is the best thing to do...before you do it. Don't go off in a huff because the two of you just had a fight. You don't want to have to swallow your pride and eat your words if you've jumped the gun and then had a change of heart.

Of course, if you're being abused, don't allow yourself to be talked out of it. This is the one time that you have got to stand your ground. Other than that, though, take your time while making your decision, no matter what you may think, the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. Make sure you're really ready for all that will happen after the breakup. Don't expect that you'll go out and start dating everyone within a 50 mile radius. It's easy to be a little bored in a relationship and convince yourself that you can do better, but can you? Really? You better be sure.

If after all this soul searching you're still convinced that a breakup is the best way to go, than plan out the best way to go about it. Even though you want out of the relationship that's no reason to be mean and callous to your soon- to- be ex. Try to figure out the kindest and gentlest way to end the relationship. Oh, and don't be a schmuck and breakup with someone right before a major holiday or their birthday. You've waited this long you can wait a few days more. No need to tarnish their big day with memories of a painful breakup.

When it comes time to talk to them, pick a quiet place and take your time. Don't lie to them, be as honest as possible (though if you're already seeing someone else you may want to spare them that detail) but don't back down. You've given this a lot of thought and you're sure this is the right thing to do, so do it. They may cry, threaten and plead but you have to stand firm otherwise you' ll just be repeating the whole scene in a few days or weeks, and who wants to go through that?

Once you've done it and the two of you are through, don't give into temptation and call them, and don't take their calls if they call you either. You both have to move on and since you're the one who ended the relationship it's up to you to be the 'strong' one and cut off all contact. You may be tempted to talk to them, especially if the whole dating everyone within 50 miles thing hasn't worked out quite the way you planned, but don't. Make a clean break.

Though you can not take away the pain and make things a little better when ending a relationship with someone you love,you can how ever handle the whole thing in a responsible and compassionate way so it might be a little easy for your ex.

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  1. Ending a relationship with someone you love dearly is very painful, it can break you apart.Love between two people can change. Sometimes it grows, while other times it diminishes. You can to let it go, no matter how painful it is.



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