Do You Know The Green,Yellow and Red Warning Signs Of A Breakup

Although all relationships are different,there are usually similar when it comes to those warning signs of a breakup which by the way is always wise to look out for.knowing this signs will avoid your chances of splitting up with you lover.Below are the 3 warning signs of a break up

Do You Know Why Men Leave Relationships

This is a most read article for women who want to know why men leave relationships so they can learn to keep their relationship intact. Due to the misconceptions that are rooted from our society, we humans have the tendency to make things complicated than they already are

Do You Know Why Women Leave Men

If your wife or your girlfriend just left you, you may want to know "why women leave men." The truth is there can be several reasons and it is probably not what you may be thinking of.

Can Getting Back Together After a Very Long Time Apart Actually Work?

So can getting back together after a very long time apart work? That will really depend on how much you and your ex want it to happen and what caused the split up in the first place.If your friends and family are behind you, You are more likely to succeed.

Often we break up when we are young, as we are both immature and just don't know what we have; until we lose it. Other times we can kill off a relationship, because we relocate with our jobs or our families. Often the break up has nothing to do with the people involved just the timing or distance is wrong.

But sometimes there were specfic reasons why we broke up and if these reasons still exist, then you need to work out why you want to get back together. Absence can make the heart grow fonder but be aware that memories get distorted and you could be remembering events that didn't quite happen that way. Experts call this the "rose coloured glasses" effect.

However, if you are thinking of getting back together after a long time apart, there must be a physical and emotional attraction between the two of you. Physical attraction is great and this is what generally brings couples together initially. But unless it is accompanied or followed over time by an emotional connection, the physical stuff just isn't enough to sustain a relationship.

Long term successful partnerships are based on mutual respect, love and commitment. If you miss out any of these three key ingredients your chances of spending your twilight years together diminish. I know that Hollywood films would have you believe that a great romance is based on lust and physical attraction. You can be easily fooled into thinking the man just has to sweep you off your feet and you will live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, real life isn't like that and you will have certain trials to face as a couple. A couple who are deeply committed to each other, on every level, is much more likely to survive the problems; real life throws at them.

Perhaps you two were together for a long time. Maybe you even had a family together before you split up. If this is the case, you need to be sure that you are getting back together for the right reasons and not because your kids want you to. Just as a couple should never stay with each other solely for the sake of their children, nor should they get romantically involved again for this reason.

Getting back together after a very long time apart usually can be very exciting . But it will be better to slow down things and who knows, may be marriage or a remarriage may just be waiting for you on the other site.

I wish you the best

Where Can You and Your Partner Find Help For A Troubled Relationship

When you and your partner are facing relationships difficulty at the best of times, may be an additional help is all you both need. So where can you find such a help for a troubled relationship?

If you and your partner are still speaking, why not make a date together at your favorite restaurant. A public place is great for a chat about your feelings as you are more likely to keep your temper under control. You cannot let your cosy chat descend into a shouting match or you will disturb the other diners.

Sometimes a little work and some private chats are all that is needed to sort out the troubles in a relationship. Life gets so busy that it is easy to lose track of our loved ones and to end up ignoring them or causing them to feel neglected. A few "couple only nights" may be all you both need to get back on track.

If you cannot talk alone, why not ask a trusted friend or family member to act as mediator. This can be a difficult step to take and not one that you should enter into lightly. You must pick someone who has the ability to act impartially. This is not the time for any third party to be taking sides.

What you are looking for is someone who can help you and your partner to talk openly about the problems you are having. Someone who has been in a long term relationship, for a long period of time, will probably better understand the difficulties a couple can face. Single people may understand the theory but not having had the practice will find it difficult to dispense advice.

Often it is not possible for you to find a suitable friend or family member so why not try couple counselling? People believe that these services are only available for married couples but that is not the case. There are some services dedicated to those that are married but others are for couples who live together or share time together.

Check your local phone directory to see what services are available. Be careful when choosing your advisor though. If possible, go on a personal recommendation. Your doctor or religious adviser may be able to help. Or ask your counsellor if they have clients who are willing to give them a testimonial.

It is much better if both of you meet the counsellor as it is important you are both comfortable talking to this person. You will be discussing intimate details and this is impossible if you do not like the counsellor. They will probably want to meet you together as a couple and perhaps separately as well. Find out how many meetings you will be expected to attend and when you are likely to see results.

The good thing about it all is that, if you both seek help for a troubled relationship, you both stand a better chance of solving your problems and going back to the happy couple you once were.


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