Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you want to get your ex girlfriend back you have to do the things contrary to what she might thing you will still do or the opposite you have been thought to do. Making your girlfriend to come back by promising her you will change,showering her  flowers, gift and love letters or even trying persuasion tricks,sneaky tactics or manipulative mind games do not work.Here you will learn some simple but effective steps that will, if not help get your ex girlfriend back like;
  1. -Figuring out if you really still love your ex girlfriend to the point of getting her back.
  2. -Steps to take to get her back
  3. -Signs to help you know she wants you back in her life.
  4. -Finally what to do after that.

How to figure out if you really still love your ex girlfriend                  

It's a pretty unsettling thing when one breaks up with his be alone all of a sudden can be confusing and scary, so your first impulse is probably to fix the situation by getting back to something you know was comfortable and nonthreatening. Pardon me, I'm not trying to say that you don't love your ex girlfriend.What I am trying to say is, it may not be your ex that you miss and need back so much.  It's possible that you just miss the companionship and stability of a warm relationship, and that you'd be just as happy with somebody else.  A lot of people are so afraid of being alone that they reach for whatever is familiar and comfortable when it really may not be what's in their hearts. 

This may not necessarily be the case for you, and you two may indeed be meant to be together.  This break up could just be a bump in the road, but it could also be an indicator that you're ready for something else.  So before you start working on getting your ex girlfriend back, you need to determine if it's really your ex you want back or if it's just a relationship in general that you need.

Do I still Love my ex girlfriend Quiz                                                

  • -Do you still think about your ex?(It is by human nature to thing often about the ones we love).
  • -Is your life better with her?
  • -Does she make you a better person?
  • - Are you happy to see her living a better life with her new boyfriend? (Even though it breaks your heart , but seeing her happy and successful is all you’ve ever wanted. for her)
  • - Do you enjoy spending time with her more, doing nothing at all just  talking about nonsense things?
  • -Do you thing staying home with her is better than going out with friends?

If the answers to the above questions are YES then you still LOVE her and want her back!! If that is the case, then go for it!! Get your girlfriend back!!

Killer strategies to help Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Now that you are sure you still love your ex girlfriend  and you want to get her back, you will need some strategies to help you out.Unfortunately if you're looking for clear-cut strategies or a quick fix, sorry, this isn't it. But, if you're looking for as close to a guarantee as you'll ever get in matters of the heart, than keep reading..

It doesn't matter what happened between you and your girl, if you're willing to work at it you can get her to come back to you and the two of you can have a better relationship the second time around than you did the first time.

These steps aren't hard to do and they do work.  There are thousands of people who have used these steps to get their ex back.  The thing you have to understand though is that you will have to spend some time and effort, this process won't happen overnight and it won't happen unless you're willing to put in the time.

Step one is to step off.  
Give your girl a little space.  If you keep texting or calling her than all you're going to do is let her know you will be a back up plan if she doesn't meet anyone else, you really don't want your ex to think of you that way, do you?

Step two is to figure out what went wrong.
figure out what happened in your relationship that made everything get screwed up.  Figure out what you did, or didn't do, that resulted in the end.

Step Three is to man up.
True, I don't know you or what you're like but we all have our issues and I'm sure you have yours.  Those issues probably contributed to the relationship falling apart in the first place. It's time you own up to them and take some time to change them.  If you are able to do this you'll be light years ahead of where you were before.  

Step four is to get rid of negative emotions.
After the breakup, you may be experiencing a lot of hurt and heartache. You need to get rid of these and move on with a positive attitude. One technique to do this is to write a long letter stating in detail all your hurts your ex-girlfriend has given you and all the things you wish to say to her but never do. After the letter is completed, burn that letter. Do NOT send that letter. Watch the letter consumes in flame. Do a simple releasing technique by holding the negative emotions in your hand. Say to yourself, "I release these feeling of hurts" and then let go. You will feel lighter. Do the exercise NOW!

Once the two of you are together show her the changes you've made, don't talk about it, let her see for herself.  If things go well give her a few days and call her again and see if she'd like to go out again. Remember, at this point the two of you are starting all over again, so be willing to take it slow and let her see that the changes you've made are real.

Remember that these changes are not just to win her back and then flush them out of your system after getting her because she will notice after a while and flush you too out of her system.When this happens you will end up in the same place you are now but only with a much more smaller chance to get woman back.

 Signs to let you know she loves you and wants you back in her life

 During this time of taking things slow you will notice a few of the following signs to help you know she still love you and wants you back in her life.

One of the signs that you will notice that your ex girlfriend wants you back is jealousy.This is usually a telltale sign, and some thing I am sure you might have seen in other people.So if you are finding out that your ex girlfriend gets upset or jealous of other people you are with,more so when it is some one of the opposite sex(another girl)then that is a good sign she wants you back.

Dropping hints
If your ex girlfriend lets you know when she is free, like just saying no I do not have too much to do this weekend or Friday night I am just staying in.Just about any hints around that they miss doing things with you are all good signs.For example hinting around that they miss going to a particular restaurant that the two of you used to go to are all good signs.

Goes out of their way for you
If she is going out of her way for you and just generally being really help full, then it is  a pretty good sign that they wants you back.Doing nice things for you, dropping plans to hang out with you is usually a good sign.For example if you know she have plans with her friends and you let her know you are free for the night and she ends up cancelling with her friends to hang out with you,that is a good sign that she still have feeling for you and cares about you.

Has not started dating
This is a really big one, if your ex girlfriend has not started dating, more than likely she is holding back to see if you will get back with her and that is the reason why she has not started dating.This is usually common with a lot of people and some time you might get the excuse that she is not yet ready but more often than that you can kind of tell that she is holding out to see if you will want to get back.

Coincidentally show up

This is a pretty good one.If you find out that when you go to the store or the gym and you constantly run in to your ex girlfriend, I am pretty sure it is not by coincidence.It is probably planed and they kind of know your schedule and where you will be.That is a good give away that she really wants you back in her life.

Finally what to do after all these is.....

Let the feelings flow....naturally

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